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Photo by Lily Hoyer-Winfield: image of fall tree in neighborhood

Welcome to the Emerson East Neighborhood Association website

The Emerson East Neighborhood Association covers that was of the east isthmus of Madison, Wisconsin bounded by East Washington Avenue, the Yahara River, Fordem Avenue, Packers Avenue, Commercial Avenue, and North Street (see map of the neighborhood).

This area was originally developed in the 1920's, after Madison's Central Marsh was drained and land became available for houses for workers in nearby factories, including Oscar Mayer's and the French Battery Company. Housing includes a mix of owner-occupied and rental housing. The area covered by the Emerson East Neighborhood Association includes about 2100 people in about 1000 houses and apartment units. Housing is still affordable in the Emerson East neighborhood, and our neighborhood is safe, friendly, and diversified.

Upcoming Events

Emerson East Neighborhood Association Meeting
Wednesday, August 4, 2010. 6:30-8:00pm
Bashford United Methodist Church, 329 North St.

Special Guest: Barry Gore, Campaign for Yahara Station
**** In order to vote at this meeting, you must have paid your 2010 dues prior to the beginning of the meeting.


In the last few years, the Emerson East Neighborhood Association has worked with the city and other organizations to:

  • Renovate Demetral Field.
  • Provide decorative plantings on the Pennsylvania Avenue side of Demetral Field.
  • Reduce prostitution and harassment complaints in the North Street area through citizen patrols and increased police vigilance.
  • Hold an annual East Mifflin Street block party.
  • Sponsor an annual Spring Clean Up Day to clean and maintain neighborhood green space.
  • Post Slow Down - Watch for Kids signs near schools during strategic weeks in the year.
  • Support the creation of the East Isthmus Neighborhoods Planning Council.
  • Oversee the distribution of Community Block Development Grant funds for park improvements, bike paths, street lighting, neighborhood identification signs, and the encouragement of neighborhood-friendly businesses